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Taylor Walker Pubs

Now there's a name that goes back a long way - Taylor Walker have been providing fine quality pub food and drink for over two hundred years! They serve food all day and it seems to us they really go in for good, hearty pub grub - steak and kidney pies, sausage and mash, fish and chips - and they'll always have a roast dish on offer!


They've got loads of pubs in London and a number elsewhere around the country.

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Two For £10 Pubs

Two for £10 pubs are sort of an off-shoot of the Fayre and Square chain - in fact Fayre and Square say they are their "sister" company! So you know what you'll be getting - many of the same great offers and deals on a range of pub meals!


So basically, if you like the food and meal offers in Fayre and Square restaurants but you can't find one near you... see if there's a Two for £10 pub near you!

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John Barras Pubs

When we visited a John Barras pub recently for a pub meal (The Snooty Fox at Three Bridges, near Crawley) the first thing we noticed was the TVs - lots of them! So this is a pub chain for the sports lover... but one who also wants bargain meal deals when it comes to eating out!


Their menus are huge - burgers, curries, steaks, jackets, sandwiches... but of course it's the meal deals we're interested in and there's bargains galore, with something different every night!   


They also frequently have quiz nights, karaoke, bands...

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Table Table Pubs

Table Table is a pub chain that's part of the Whitbread group. Their website says they think it's nice to be able to "eat out without splashing out." Sounds the right idea to us! The real Meal Deals:- look out for their Daytime Deals (fantastic value dishes!) and Evening Two Course Meal Deals.


The Cornish Guardian newspaper says their pub food is "good, wholesome and plentiful!" Well that's a good enough recommendation for anyone!


As well as traditional pub meal classic dishes (Grills & Burgers etc.) you'll find less - traditional, but interesting dishes, like Spinach & Ricotta Lasagne - and again that definitely sounds alright by us!


We confess we haven't yet visited a Table Table pub (though there's more than a 100 of them - and they're all over the country!) - but it'll happen very soon -  because we'd love to have a bargain pub meal in their cosy, purple(!) dining rooms!

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