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Harvester Pubs

Harvester Pubs' speciality is flame-grilled food - and they do it extremely well! You choose  your grill (spit-roasted chicken, steaks, burgers, grills...) then the sauce - Diane, Creamy Peppercorn.. Jack Daniel's (!) and many more, then the veg... and then stack up with unlimited salad at the salad bar! But leave room for the wonderful desserts... As well as other Pub Deals there's often a "free ice cream with main meal" voucher deal on their website.


Brunch menus are rare among pub chains - but Harvester Pubs do one (at weekends). And takeaways...


Oh, and they're very proud of being friendly to all the family, some of whom may have smaller appetites!


There are over 220 Harvester pubs in the UK so you're sure to find one near you...

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Flaming Grill Pubs

Flaming Grill pubs are famous for their flame- grilled food - served to your table on sizzling- skillets...

... and they seem determined to give you value for money Pub Deals - especially on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights!


Monday: King Combo Night! Get certain dishes "upgraded" to King Size!


Tuesday: Steak Night! The Deal tonight is an 8oz steak with a drink (from a selection) at a bargain price!


Wednesday: Burger Night! A "classic" Extra Value Pub Deal - a 6oz Cheese Burger with a drink (from a selection) at a price to put a smile on your face!

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Wetherspoons Pubs

Wetherspoons Pubs:- Great value pub food and drink in architecturally interesting buildings: you'll find Wetherspoons pubs use converted cinemas, churches, banks, 'art deco' buildings... Of course it's the Pub Deals we're interested in, and what a choice - different every day! It's nice to know they source their food carefully, using free range eggs, sustainably - sourced salmon and British potatoes!


There's well over 800 pubs in the Wetherspoons pub chain, so there's bound to be one near you!


Eating Inn Pubs: 2 for £10 Pub Deals!

Eating Inns also do great value "2  for £10" Pub Deals (prices vary a bit between locations) - with a menu which we think has some very interesting dishes - spinach and feta cannelloni, chicken rigatoni pasta, grilled halloumi, roasted red onion and pepper salad.. Yum!


These pubs are owned by Greene King group who also own the Hungry Horse chain (search for Hungry Horse pubs).


Most of these pubs are in the Midlands area, but they also have a good number in Scotland.      

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Stonegate run a lot of different pubs... with lots of variety! Classic Inns (suburban - top quality pub food), Proper Pubs (warm and welcoming - great for family lunch time meals!), the well known Slug and Lettuce Pubs ( stylish - premium food) and the famous Yates Pubs (great for good value food and partying!).

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